Residential Onsite Septic System installed at an old dwelling in Italy

Residential Onsite Septic System installed at an old dwelling in Italy



Details of the project and selection criteria:

The project involved the restoration of an old dwelling which was built near an old but still active olive oil grove and crusher requiring special attention with regard to the plantation and equipment and also particularly demanding site conditions.

In choosing the plant, we had to face three particular requirements:

The first was that of seasonality, since the owners who are not resident in Italy use the building only for short periods during the year. This entails a functional difficulty for the classic sewage treatment systems. So it was necessary install the unique BIOROCK system which allows the treatment of wastewater without the use of electricity.

The second requirement was to find a system that was light and easy to handle as the house is located at the bottom of a steep path, so we had to locate a lightweight and easily transportable system without the help of cranes.

The third requirement related to the very difficult ground conditions. The plant had to be completely buried so as not to provide any landscaping impact. The completely rocky terrain posed enormous difficulties in excavation. The BIOROCK system, thanks to its highly resistant load-bearing structure, was easily installed and made it possible to reduce the installation cost dramatically.

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