MONOBLOCK-3 Sewage Plant at a New Self-Build 4 bedroom-house in the UK

MONOBLOCK-3 Sewage Plant at a New Self-Build 4 bedroom-house in the UK

Project: New Self-Build 4 bedroom house.

System: MONOBLOCK-3-900 during Installation in Coleshill, Birmingham.


The client was building a new 4 bedroom detached property. As part of the project the owners visited the NSBRC in Swindon and visited our stand in the centre during the Big Green Show. They had previous experience with an electric unit in their previous home and laid out some very specific requirements during the discussion. These were as follows:

1. As long a desludge interval as possible.

2. A completely non-electric unit if possible.

3. Minimal maintenance.

4.The lowest cost possible.

We were able to offer both the MONBLOCK-2-900 and the MONOBLOCK-3-900. They selected the MONOBLOCK-3 as we were able to assure them that the desludge interval will be at least 3 years as compared to 1-2 for the smaller unit. With careful management of the site layout they were able to achieve gravity discharge to a running water ditch on their property and thus ensured a completely non-electric solution. While we were not able to offer them the lowest cost purchase, we were able to offer a sufficiently competitive price which ensured that the additional initial spend will be more than offset by the long desludge interval, zero power running costs and minimal maintenance.

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