New MONOBLOCK compact Onsite Wastewater Treatment Plant installed in the Baltics

New MONOBLOCK compact Onsite Wastewater Treatment Plant installed in the Baltics

The system being installed here is a MONOBLOCK 2-700-Low Outlet model followed by an infiltration area. The clients live near a river and the groundwater is protected so a compact wastewater treatment plant was specified by the local authority.

The client had originally installed an electric system which was performing poorly and couldn’t handle black water so it had to be replaced. The new MONOBLOCK will be normally used by 2 people, occasionally increasing to 3-4 people. The BIOROCK product was specifically chosen for its electric-free treatment process with the added advantage of long de-sludging intervals when compared to most electric brands.

Another difficult aspect of this project that led to the decision to install a BIOROCK product was the amount of wastewater to be treated. The volume varies from 200 to 500 liters/day, and the ability of the MONOBLOCK to handle these peak flows helped our distributor win the project despite competition from other brands.

After some cost comparisons and a 3 years payback calculation the customer realised was that our system would ensure significant savings due to BIOROCK products requiring very low maintenance and having low running costs.

The new features offered by the MONOBLOCK are especially advantageous when compared with the competitions electric products.

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