What is the Cost of a Sewage Treatment Plant

What is the Cost of a Sewage Treatment Plant

Posted on 22 lut 2021 by Christel Astakhoff

Installing A Sewage Plant – Know the Septic System Costs

All over the world, it is a common practice to pump huge amounts of wastewater into streams, rivers, and oceans. This has an extremely negative effect on the environment, fisheries, and animals. This is because wastewater is contaminated water and can spread viruses and other diseases through water surfaces. So, installing a septic treatment plant is the solution. The system will treat the sewage before discharging it into the environment, thus protecting it and minimising the spread of diseases.

However, when installing a septic treatment plant, cost is often a main concern. To help you better understand, we will explain in detail what it involves and the cost.

Sewage Treatment Plant Costs

Septic treatment plant costs vary according to multiple parameters. First, it depends on the size of the tank in terms of person equivalent (PE). PE calculations are based on the number of washrooms your home has from a baseline of three. For instance, if you have three washrooms, you will need a 5PE system and for every additional washroom, you will need to add 1PE. If you need help calculating the number of PE for your home, feel free to reach out to us with this contact form, we’d love to help!

The other factors of septic treatment plant cost include additional add-ons you wish to include such as extra ventilation. The cost also depends on the model you purchase. Often, cheaper units are the most expensive to maintain and fix.

Installation Cost

The installation cost of a septic treatment plant depends on the site conditions and your installer. Also, when installing a new septic treatment plant, you will require planning permission and get building regulations approval, and this will usually require application fees. If your home is located on high groundwater conditions, the installation will require a lot of concrete which leads to an increase in overall installation costs. Additionally, the installation of an electrical system will require an electrical supply, which can only be done by an electrician who will charge a fee.

What about BIOROCK septic treatment plants? We offer one of the lowest-cost units to install available on the market today. This is because they are one of the smallest treatment plants available, require low electricity or no electricity at all in some cases, and minimal annual maintenance. The BIOROCK treatment plants can be installed in a day, reducing installation costs significantly.

Maintenance Cost

Every septic treatment plant requires maintenance. Regular maintenance can be done by the homeowner such as checking the vents, ensuring air blowers working properly, inspecting pipework. The annual maintenance is usually done by certified contractors. This is necessary to maintain your system properly. Think of the maintenance when choosing the right septic treatment plant as some require maintenance more often than others. The maintenance cost of BIOROCK systems are extremely low as the treatment plants are simple, use natural technology with no moving parts and thus no breakdowns, and require only an annual service.


So, how much a BIOROCK Septic System Cost?

We would be more than happy to give a quote, but in order to do so, we need to know all of your project details. Click here to get in touch with us with your project details, will come back to you as soon as possible with a quote. As explained above, there are a lot of characteristics that need to be taken into account to give you the right cost estimation.

The installation of septic treatment plant cost can seem substantial, but BIOROCK systems are designed to be long-term sustainable and economic investments. The return on investment goes far beyond financial – we offer peace of mind, low maintenance, and promote a healthy environment.