Septic Tank Conversion as an answer for failing septic tanks

Septic Tank Conversion as an answer for failing septic tanks

Posted on 27 maj 2015 by Fabian Belin

If you have a failing septic system, septic tank conversion units may be the right solution to upgrade your septic system. Trickling filters “retrofit applications” are ideal solutions for any septic tank conversion to complete sewage treatment system. We will convert your existing septic tank into a fully functional tree-stage sewage treatment system. The final effluent will be clean enough to be discharged into nature.

Trickling filters as septic tank conversion unit: the best solution for failing septic tanks

Our sewage treatment unit can be used to convert an existing septic tank to a fully certified sewage treatment plant. This septic tank upgrade is subject to some conditions: your existing septic tank should have an adequate shape and should be watertight. You have an old brick or concrete septic tank which does not leak water in or out, and you would like to upgrade it? There may be no need to change it to a full sewage treatment plant as you may be able to convert it.

There are two types of septic tank conversion units

  • The “in-tank” which are fitted into an existing traditional septic tank. These systems do not have the EN 12566 testing certificate and thus are not accepted for an exemption by the EA. Furthermore there is no European Standard for ‘in tank’ conversion units and these “in-tank” options cannot obtain a CE Mark.
  • The so called “add-on” septic tank conversion units. These tanks are installed after a septic tank, converting the existing septic system to a fully certified sewage treatment plant which will comply with the environment agency sewage treatment regulations. These “add-on” units need to be EN 12566 tested.

By adding a trickling filter after an existing septic tank, you transform the existing septic tank into a primary tank of a “three stage” sewage treatment unit. The trickling filter will be connected to the water outlet of the existing tank. The treated water will be clean enough to be discharged directly to surface water such as a stream or a ditch with a permit or exemption from the Environmental Agency.

The advantages of our septic tank conversion option

  • No need to install any new, heavy tank or sewage plant. 
  • Quick installation: you will save time and money
  • Very low footprint and no heavy groundworks: you will preserve your garden from heavy installation disturbances
  • Same advantages of a complete three stage non-electric sewage treatment plant: cheap commissioning, long intervals desludging, no electricity costs and very light maintenance.
  • Direct sewage plant discharges to surface water are accepted by the Environment Agency as they meet the EA consent to discharge standards.
  • Production of a clear and odorless effluent

How does our septic tank conversion works?

Micro-organisms are maintained in suspension in your existing tank. This new “primary tank” is becoming a settlement tank for the new 2-chambers sewage treatment system. The mixed liquor resulting from the separation of the sludge and water will be distributed to the treatment unit by gravity: as the flow enters the primary tank from the house, this liquor is deplaced from the former septic tank on top of the filter media bags.

The liquid which remains at the bottom part of the treatment unit is the final effluent which is discharged directly to the ground or to surface water. The use of a small pump enables the new sewage treatment plant to discharge the treated effluent at a higher level than the tank outlet.

Air is supplied to the system by a natural draft. This natural aeration encourages the development of aerobic micro-organisms which degrade the pollutants and break down remaining sewage solids.

Installation and Licensed Contractors of septic tank conversion units

Our septic tank conversion unit will be both supplied and installed by a certified and trained installer of our network. Our installers offer a full and comprehensive service from the first site survey to after sales intervention if necessary. Our premium service includes an initial and free site survey, complete installation service and commissioning of your converted septic tank.

Our septic tank conversion units are designed for domestic wastewater treatment and will allow you to achieve a final effluent standard that fully complies with the Environment Agency’s requirements for direct discharge to a natural watercourse. The BIOROCK septic tank conversion option is ideal when your existing septic tank is discharging untreated effluent directly to a watercourse. Our septic tank conversion unit is available for 5 to 30 PE (People Equivalent).